What could have saved Hayley’s Life?

What could have saved Hayley’s Life?

A Patient Activated Rapid Response Team.

What is it?

A dedicated Medical Emergency Team of Doctors, Nurses and other specialists. They rush to the patient’s bedside in minutes and listen to the family’s concerns. The team access the patient with fresh eyes and have the authority to cut through red tape and transfer the patient immediately to Intensive Care.

Who can call it?

Patients, Family and Friends.

When to call?

If Healthcare Team ignores family concerns and the patient is not receiving appropriate/adequate care or, if it’s an emergency situation.

Why it Makes Sense?

Experts say warning signs often appear hours before a patient suffers a cardiac arrest and relatives are often the first to detect trouble.

Who already uses it?

Hospitals inAmericaencourage and empower the family to just call the team based on gut instinct – a feeling that something is wrong but can’t explain why.

“If I was able to call a Patient Activated Rapid Response Team I truly believe Hayley would still be alive today.”

Hayley’s mum.