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  1. An horrific situation for anyone to be put through. As a mum I hope that I never experience the nightmare you are enduring. Much sympathy to you and your family and bless your little angel……..

  2. I am in tears right now reading Hayley’s story and treatment. I totally relate to it as I went through similar though my 14month daughter is “luckily” alive having suffered heart failure (dilated cardiomyopathy) which was allowed by general hospital to deteriorate for around 5days before they even bothered putting her on Cipap or transferring to PICU etc, causing tremendous deterioration to point of PICU consultants saying “they had not seen a heart that weak (8% FS) yet child still alert! They called her a case of “lucky to be alive”, which was amazing considering she had been in a general hospital in general ward for nearly a week prior. I totally relate to Hayley’s case, totally. I am so so so so so sad she passed away. I can also understand how hard it is to even write up the complaint letter. I am still doing mine which i started 6months ago. Please continue to be strong and know that you are not alone in this.

  3. Thank you so much for your comments Debbie and J. J, if you’d like to submit a story we’d love to include it here.
    We are doing this for people exactly like you. xxx

  4. First Of all I’d like to offer my deepest sympathy I feel your pain only the pain you are suffering is any mothers worst I take my hat off to u for the courage you have displayed and your family you truly are a remarkable family and your angel above will be proud of you all xx I lost my son last year Alfie three days old different circumstances but still I feel medical neglect contributed if u have any spare time I’ve got no one to talk this over with and could do with your advice on what I should do that is If u have the spare time of course and I am great full for any of your time spared I feel so empty but I have a slight hope after reading your loss xxxxx

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