What if.. (needs better title)

A two year old little girl can pick up the phone and summon an ambulance simply by saying “MUMMY OUCH”.

So why would a mother’s genuine and justified pleas for help be ignored, for five long days and five long nights, resulting in the tragic death of her child?

There’s something very wrong going on.  We live in modern times, in wonderfully advanced nations.  We have the ability to summon help when we need it.

But why do you lose your right for immediate medical care when you walk into a hospital?  This is such a basic human right.

When you’re in a hospital, who can you call for help?

The obvious answer is your doctor.  Or you could just grab the nearest nurse and explain the problem.  Or just shout, ‘I need help over here!’.


Note: This section needs a lot of work.  What are we trying to say here?
From the homepage, we promised a “life saving tool to redress the balance” – what is that?