Dr V Diwakar

Consultant Paediatrician

Dr Diwaker you boasted to the Press, “there are children who can now survive but wouldn’t have 20 years ago.  Although we have one of the largest Intensive Care departments in the UK, this will make this even bigger.  It is also one of the most renowned.  We get patients coming to us as far away as Australia”.

You failed to tell the press the full story.

You failed to tell the press Hayley was left to die like an abandoned animal.

You knew that Hayley died from neglect but you abused the public’s trust.

Stop writing SPIN DOCTOR articles in the headlines for all the wrong reasons and let the family call the rapid response team.

Dr Diwaker “you are a bully, coward and now a hyprocrite”.

That’s what Birmingham Children’s Hospital stands for.

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