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I read a medical article and it was about rapid response teams didn’t show any positive outcomes are were not making a difference.

Then I read another medical article and it said nurses and junior staff were too scared to call the rapid response team because they were intimidated to go above their seniour colleagues heads.

Let the FAMILY AND PATIENT call the Rapid Response Team this is an easy quick fix solution.

The nurses who are intimidated to speak up can whisper to the family –

Listen I got in trouble the last time I calked this team I think your child is deteriorating but i am scared to call the team

Everyone is protected

The patient
The nurse from bulking and intimidation

If there is a strong hierarchy – – pecking order like the military you take orders from your senior and you do not challenge them even if you see a patient at risk !!
A nurse will watch a surgeon operate on the wrong body part because she us too scare to speak up .because the surgeon is a bully and will make her life hell

This is insane .

It is barbaric to outsiders but if you spoke up and the surgeon threw sissors at you because you tried to do the right thing you would think twice about speaking up the next time .
I was shocked to read all these ugly stories but it is happening every where while you are lying unconscious on an operating table silent witnesses are watching you get butchered .

This is a strong word but if you amputate the wrong leg the good leg do you call the bully surgeon a surgeon no .

I accept there are breakdown in communication human factors but that’s why they have check lists .they are no excuses fir intimidating your junior colleagues as the patient always pays the ultimate price